Please donate all of your Drebin Points.

I have picked a pretty shit time to do a 24 hour gaming marathon. I intended on having a lie in, but woke up with a nasty headache and some loss of hearing in my right ear. I have a terrible cough and generally feel like someone has taken a foul dump in my head. BUT! Today is the day and there’s no getting out of it. My friend Lisa and I will be playing the first three Metal Gear Solid games back-to-back, with no cut scene skipping. We’ll be sitting through every codec conversation, every long-winded discussion about control and freedom in the information age, every poop joke, every grizzled chat about love blooming on the battlefield.

This is kind of a test run for future gaming marathons and unfortunately we don’t have the hardware to stream this one, but we will be live-tweeting throughout, which I’m sure will get very tiresome for everyone involved. All you have to do is go about your day as normal, perhaps send the occasional encouraging tweet or text, and if you can, please donate, or spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, or leave a link in your AIM away messages.

I’ll be doing some more writing about Crisis and Metal Gear when Lisa takes the controls during the marathon. I hope you can join us, either in person, or via the twitters, and yeah, do send us money. Lots of it.

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