Ladbrokes – the RPG

So I’ve launched a couple of Contributoria proposals this month. One of them is called Journalism Simulator 2015 and will be a look into the world of simulator video games. I’ll be covering some of the best titles, like Euro Truck Simulator 2, and some of the worst, like Woodcutter Simulator 2013. I’m gonna try and have a chat with some of the developers to see what drives them to make such intricate, but seemingly dreary titles. I’ll also be chatting to fans, especially the super fans who have elaborate peripheral set ups.

The other article I’m proposing is called Is it possible to make and release a video game in a month? Let’s find out. A truly dire title and one with which I wrestled with for literally minutes, trying to decide if I should end it with an exclamation mark or not.

I’d like to put the Contribut(ute) into Contributoria this month. The latter article has got a wee buzz going via the comments and I’d like to open up the article and game’s development to everyone, even if they haven’t backed. I think it’d be nice to get some more collaboration going and I hope it’ll be a fun, interesting experiment in crowdsourced game development. I don’t know how open it’s going to be, perhaps limited to allowing people to name towns, items, enemies, etc, or getting people to help with music, sprites or design.

For the game design itself, I’m thinking it’s probably going to be a satirical bookmaker simulator, where you control a struggling cashier who has to battle against evil age checkers, powerful area manager sorcerers, and try to juggle between running various shops whilst fighting goblins and shit. Like real life, really.

What do you think?

It takes about a minute or two to sign up and back any of the above articles, and it’s completely free. It would be great if you could help out either through backing, or leaving a comment or two.

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