Birmingham Nostalgia. Do you remember things? From a while back?

Man, do you remember the past? Like, I mean the really old past, the olden days, the stuff that has wavy VHS lines when you try and remember it. The shit you need to fiddle with the tracking setting to really get clear in your brain.

I’m talking Brum nostalgia, or as I hope to have go viral with a hashtag – Brumtalgia. Here’s part one of what I hope will be a 300 part series, inspired by the Mail’s Nostalgia website. I’ll be remembering Wimpy.


Wimpy was in Dale End. I think. I don’t really remember. I know it was definitely in Birmingham, or at least the West Midlands, or “Warwickshire” as we used to call it back then. O, do you remember Wimpy? Remember the burgers? They’d melt your face off with their taste. Remember how they had napkins, or “face dirt removers” as we used to call them back then.

My dad wouldn’t take me to McDonald’s, owing to a long dispute over the “bitter capitulation to the colonies” and also, he didn’t like that you had to eat your food with your hands, and not a knife and fork, or a “knife & fork”, as we used to call them back then.

The Wimpy brand was created in 1934 by Edward Gold when he opened his first location in Bloomington, Indiana, which is a fact I discovered on my own, while trying to remember things about Wimpy and the nostalgic feelings Wimpy makes me feel. When I was a kid, my nan would sit me down in Wimpy’s, in Dale End, or somewhere nearby, and tell me about how Chicago had a maximum of 25 locations in the United States at its height but only seven locations remained at the time of his death in 1977. She knew this without the aid of Wikipedia.

Do you remember that joke? The joke where you’d insert an obviously copied piece of information from Wikipedia, under the guise of a genuine memory or piece of journalism, in a rushed, frankly overdone attempt at satire? Remember it from my Twitter feed about 30 minutes ago? Nostalgia that, mate.

What fun we’d have in Wimpy, which as of April 2014, only has 93 locations left in the UK. That figure could be different, but I can’t be bothered to check a source other than Wikipedia, so I’m going to hope it’s that.

I asked people for their thoughts and memories of Wimpy.

“I think it was on Dale End,” said a guy.

“No, maybe not. Definitely in town, though.” replied a character I’ve invented because no one replied to this on Twitter.

“That’s meta.”

I know.

Anyway, much like Wimpy, this article is about done now. It’s outstayed its welcome, but head on to the Nostalgia section of the Birmingham Mail, or EEEEVVVVINMAY as that guy on New Street used to call it back in the day. You will enjoy the content and share it on various social networks. Yes, you will.

Enjoy the content.

Share the content.

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