Hello there. My name’s Harry and I write things about video games, football, gambling, shit job listings, Bullseye and occasionally scribble short stories and slightly longer short stories, or “novels”. I’m an award-winning film director, although that was approximately 43 years ago. I’m currently working on a few short stories, running a private online film club and I also work in the insurance industry as a hobby.

If you would like me to write something for you, either for cash, goods, or services, please fill out this form. Or tweet me.


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  1. Hi Harry,

    Thank you for your very well written article “A day in the life of a bookies”. I have worked in a betting shop for 8 and a half years now and have seen every single thing you mentioned! All of the player protection stuff is bollox, all of the staff protection is minimalistic. I worked my way up to being a manager of a betting shop a role which I kept for four years before realising my life was going no-where. Recently married and desperate for a career that would not get me beaten up or killed (yes, I was the victim of a robbery in the bookies once) and one which would allow me to provide for my family I decided to take the plunge and resign, with a view to returning to education – psychology to be exact.

    I enrolled in college as I didn’t have the required grades for university this year. I also stayed on 15hrs a week at the bookies as I felt that I would be able to stomach it for that amount of time – after all I am just a glorified cleaner with zero responsibilities now. My area manger has said if education doesn’t work out then I can be fast tracked back to shop manager. Sitting down today with a mountain of college work to do I came to the conclusion that I made a mistake in resigning and I should have just been happy with my lot and made the most of it.

    At that point I thought about jacking in education and phoning the boss to ask for a return to betting shop management. I didn’t.

    I googled – “What is it like to work in a betting shop” and found your wonderful article which I have bookmarked into my favourites, to look at anytime I am feeling like I made the wrong decision. Thank you for reminding me that I made the RIGHT decision and that is not a place I want to go back to!

    Many Thanks



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